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Self-adhesive tape (duct tape)

“Incolla” Ltd. is a manufacturer of self-adhesive tape in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have a production plant capacity of 3.5 million self-adhesive tapes on an annual basis.

Our tapes are standard in the following colors:
        – transparent
        – brown
        – light brown
        – white
        – red
        – yellow
        – green
        – blue

The adhesive that we use:
        – Hot melt
        – Water-soluble adhesives based on acrylic resins and copolymers newer generation
        – Adhesive is applied to the foil of 20-26 g/m2

The holder (base) of adhesive
        – We use different thickness of film and adhesives, most commonly polypropylene film thickness of 28 microns with a coating of adhesive from 20-26 g/m2

INCOLLA tapes are:
– environmentally friendly due to the use of water as a solvent in the production process
– without a strong and unpleasant odor
– resistant to moisture, UV radiation and aging
– stretchy longitudinal and transverse and flexible to the surfaces during packaging
– high adhesion
– resistant to high (+ 80 ° C) and low (-38 ° C) temperatures
– suitable for use in the packaging of all kinds of cardboard and plastic packaging

Because of all the above these tapes can be safely used for packaging in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, automotive industry, furniture industry…


On request we can also deliver the colors of your choice

Length, width, thickness and color chosen by the customer

Delivery of tape standard dimensions is 1-4 days

For special orders, delivery time is 3-15 days