Interestingly – How the self-adhesive tape appeared?


Adhesive tapes are made since the mid-19th century, the massive use entered thanks to the seemingly banal problem that plagued the automotive industry.

As many instead of “toothpaste” still say “kaladont”, it’s same with the brand “Scotch tape” in our country, but also in the UK and some other countries, has become generic – it is assumed the general meaning and now is the name for each transparent adhesive tape which has in most homes. Over the past decade, the brand is owned by Henkel.

Duct tape (Sellotape) is adhesive tape pressure sensitive whose composition is basically cellulose. It is used for bonding or joining of different materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, and even metal, glass, wood … virtually anything to anything, depending on the situation and possibilities.

The first product like Scotch tape was mentioned in 1845, where Dr. Horas Day, a surgeon from New Jersey, designed adhesive sensitive to pressure caused by the natural rubber to cloth and used it instead of today’s patches.

In the twenties of the 20th century adhesive tape has entered mass production. In fact, it is in the factory 3M designed a similar product based on rubber in order to solve today seemingly banal problem of auto-industry: when painting parts in two or more colors, the transition between the two colors is often not a straight line. In fact, part of the area that the manufacturer did not want to dye in a particular color, covers it with paper, but paper is not fully adhered so edges often missed some new paint. Then the transition from one color to another would not be a straight line and it act disorderly.

Duct tape was designed and named it in 1937. by Colin Kininmont and George Gray. Their tape was made of rubber resins that are inflicted on the cellophane, transparent material made from cellulose. Later, the tape was produced in south London at the factory as part of “Dickinson Robinson Group”, which is involved in the manufacture of paper and packaging. During World War II tape is massively used for bonding glass to less shooting and in order not to waste time, and today it is indispensable little things that goes into every desk.