Kulina bana bb,
75300 Lukavac, B&H

About us

The company Incolla Ltd. based in Lukavac is Bosnian-Herzegovinian manufacturer adhesive tapes for packaging.

The company was founded in November 2014 with the aim to open a plant for producing the adhesive tapes as the primary activity. Our intention is to reduce the consumption of adhesive tapes which come from imports offering domestic product in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. From the very beginning we are continuously maintaining the quality of our products at the highest level, with the aim to have satisfied customers who give us their trust and support in the campaign “Let’s buy domestic products”. Their confidence showed us a number of small, medium and large companies involved in the production and distribution of various goods, which are also domestic production. We also have the trust of a large number of bookshops and wholesale stores, which through its sales network participate in the distribution of our products.

Our vision is that in this branch of economic activity continue to work on maintaining product quality, and to continuously reduce the presence of adhesive tapes that come to our market from imports. The expansion of production capacity, investment in new technology and training of staff, all in order to make domestic customer happy and satisfied with the purchase of domestic products.

In order to promote our products, we selected a unique logo for all our products, which is also domestic, it is very simple and often used precisely in the packaging of any type of goods.

Product’s logo is ” ZALIJEPI_BA “